Sacramental Vision of Reality

True story. Bye.

Velvet Crowbar. Bye.

Velvet Crowbar. Bye.

Yeah baby there’s a villain in me so sexy, sour and sweet.

Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin’ Better

Smart words to live by. Bye.

Sweetie, baby, cookie, honey, what you’re selling I ain’t buying.

Jack McFarland

Don’t want to live past 35. Bye.

And puts you on rock rock. Bye.

I dont pay for anything My cigarettes or diamond rings my feet dont even touch the ground.

His big bulging arms, his tattoos, his diamond studded grill and that huge dick…he fucked my brains out. I loved every minute of it. We’re gonna do it again. #BBC1stTime

True story. Bye.

these gender rolls taste disgusting

End them all.

And what?

Cuz cash comes quick when looks can kill.

C-Note 1.0 - Lana Del Rey