Sacramental Vision of Reality

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Every age seems to design it’s own image of it’s own disillusion.

Terence McKenna

With that perspective then, it seems to me the earth’s strategy for its own salvation is through machines and human beings which serve as a kind of intermediary catalytic step in the rarefaction of the earth. The earth is involved in a kind of alchemical sublimation of itself into a higher state of morphogenic order. And that these machines that we build are actually the means by which the earth itself is growing conscious.

Terence McKenna

Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines

27th of April 1999 • Seattle

As far as people and machines are concerned, it was Ludwig von Bertalanffy, I think, who said in his book General Systems Theory, he said: “People are not machines but in every opportunity where they’re allowed to behave like machines, they will so behave.” In other words, we tend to fall into the well of habit. Though the glory of our humanness is our spontaneous creativity, we too as creatures of physics and chemistry, of memory and hope, tend to fall into repetitious patterns. These repetitious patterns are the death of creativity. They diminish our humanness. They diminish our individuality, make each of us somehow like cogs in some larger system.

Terence McKenna
Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines
27th of April 1999 • Seattle

It’s complicated. Bye.

You already met the man of your dreams you just don’t know it yet.

Jake - 6 Years Ago

Mr.Green by Alice Lin.

King’s Cloak (2012) by Alice Lin.

King’s Cloak (2012) by Alice Lin.




this a real human heart after heartbreak. so sad :(

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Please take one minute out of your day and watch this. It’s the ugly truth.

I hear no lies.


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Rudy Giuliani’s daughter arrested for shoplifting and is labelled ‘rebellious;’

Winona Ryder caught on camera shoplifting and found not-guilty.

Mike Brown ‘allegedly’ steals $.50 swisher and is executed for ‘robbery.’ 


This world is fucking hopeless.

Sometimes I think I have felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I’m not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I’ve already felt.